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Our partnership with the biggest publishers and our strength of approaching people directly  at their doorsteps with our amazing products at the most amazing prices has helped us attain unprecedented sales.  We today have our partners spread out all throughout the country who approach you in the comfort of your offices and homes with our products. Some of the products that we sell directly are...


Illustrated Oxford Dictionary

A product by Dorling Kindersley ltd. And Oxford University Press, published by Penguin Books India.

This authoritative and accessible dictionary uses a unique combination of comprehensive images and detailed definitions to explain even the most complex of topics. With 187000 clear and concise entries and definitions the dictionary is indeed first of its kind. It has 4500 carefully selected images providing instant visual definitions and deep understanding of the text entries. Quite simply an unbeatable product.

Over 1.3 million copies sold so far

Ripley’s Believe it or not

This book guarantees to freak you out with its amazing bizarre facts, stories, interviews, and features. Take an unbelievable journey across the globe and meet weird creatures, find strange places, undertake extraordinary adventures.

This Book features :

Astonishing photographs from across the globe
Revealing interviews with remarkable individuals
Archive images and exhibits from Ripley’s fascinating collection
Amazing stories and features

Whitaker's world of facts

by Penguin books India Author: Russel Ash

Inside this new edition of Whitaker's world of facts you will find hundreds of new facts and photos divided into 20 sections- space, Planet Earth, World History, Human Body to name a few. It includes information and data from authoritative sources and specialists on every subject under the sun.

Over 900'000 copies sold so far.

Concise Atlas of the World

Published by Dorling Kindersley ltd. London.

This completely redesigned and updated encyclopedic atlas is a result of state-of the-art digital mapping. Contains over 400 maps of every region of the world with photographs, diagram, informative text on physical, political, economic and demographic geography of the world. With a vast reference range and full index with over 75000 entries it is a landmark in the development of world atlas as a genre.

New Launch

The Winner's Manual

A product by Dorling Kindersley limited London, published by Penguin Books India.

A handy compendium containing 15 essential titles packaged as a set of 5 books. Each book is an easy illustrated format in lavish full colour, which will be a reference guide one would go back to again and again. The effective content of the books is supplemented with practical tips and self assessment exercises that make the manual a vital reading for everyone.

New Launch

The Oxford Compendium of English

The latest 3 book Compendium from Oxford is a priceless treasure for students of English and their parents, their teachers and just about anyone who uses the language. That is saying a lot as this makes the product useful for just about everyone. It’s a winner all the way. Just imagine the wealth of information it provides! From punctuation, Grammar tips to skills but information on public speaking.

Almost 7000 quotes arranged thematically.

Quotations on varied subjects-from general topics to specialized ones like internet and Genetic Engineering.
Veritable treasure chest of dictionary definition and pronunciation help.

The three book compendium presents all information in easily understood format.

Over 700'000 copies sold so far

Illustrated Family encyclopedia

Here's an exciting new encyclopedia that has something for everybody in the family! It’s the ultimate visual reference for the 21st century with information arranged alphabetically for easy access. The information is compiled by a team of experts in various fields.

The volume is so reader friendly that there is enough cross referencing to help in further research or information. Well illustrated with colour pictures and illustrations, it is an ideal package for students and those with a keen mind to learn more. It is the perfect way to keep ahead and replenish one's information bank to stay ahead in life.

Over 12,000 color photographs and illustrations. More than 5000 up-to-date articles compiled by a team of expert authors and contributors. Extensive cross-referencing. Comprehensive index. Fact-packed section. Ideal for school projects.

Over 1 million copies sold so far
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